The easiest way to organize your competition or selection of startups

See what you can do with StartupBase Arena

Integration with StartupBase

Use data already available on StartupBase and considerably decrease your form.

Unlimited evaluators

How many evaluators want to Invite your selection process.

Unlimited entries

We want your competition reaches as many people as possible and therefore do not limit enrollees.

Custom forms

Create your form with as many fields as you want. All very easy and simple!

Custom contest pages

Let the subscriptions page with your visual identity, which helps a lot on the user experience.

Custom criteria and weights

Make life easier evaluators defining the criteria and weights as well for evaluation.

Multiple rounds of evaluation

Better organize your selection process by defining how many rounds want.


Track and publicize the progress of your selection process using beautiful reports.

Sending feedback

Evaluators can send anonymous feedback to candidates.

Data Backup

Download all data in the selection process when you want.

Auditable system

We keep record of all activities performed within the system.

Documents attached

Need more Information of? Candidates can attach documents to the form.

All built to make your life easier and save you time.